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Yemen and COVID

“Help Yemen now, or watch the country fall into the abyss” United Nations Under-Secretary-General The world’s largest humanitarian crisis has never been worse as Covid-19 has spread out of control. UN Humanitarian Coordinator of Yemen Lise Grande warns, “the death toll from the virus could exceed the combined toll of war, disease, and hunger over […]

Arbaeen Live Fundraising Show

Noor Orphans Fund presented the commemoration of the 40th of the Martyrs of Karbala in 3 special LIVE broadcasts on Ahlebait TV from 9th to 11th October 2020.    The shows included renowned scholars and presenters who helped us fundraise for Noor Orphans Fund’s ‘Feed the Poor’ campaign. The presenters were all excellent and we were amazed to see the generosity of fantastic […]

Noor Orphans Fund Goes Hiking!

On Sunday, 4th October 2020 a group of dedicated Noor Orphans Fund fundraisers and supporters hiked 8 miles to reach the summit of mount Snowdon, – the highest mountain in Wales and England – to raise funds for the orphans and widows in Iraq.   The orphaned families are now in desperate need more than ever and that is why […]

Forgotten Orphans Campaign

Thank you to all those who have signed up to sponsor an orphan this Muharram, you will be making a great contribution to the most vulnerable orphaned families in Iraq. There are still many orphans on our waiting list and it is not too late to support our campaign. Children make up the majority of […]

The desensitisation to the pain of others

By: Reda Zarrad What comes to mind when I say ‘information’? Is it the media? The internet? Libraries and books? No matter what form it takes, information is all around us, an integral part of our daily lives. But there’s a second type of information, arguably more important than the first, that isn’t restricted to […]

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Mubarak to all our supporters who have continuously supported us in our efforts to help the less fortunate including orphans and widows. As we enter the holy month of Ramadan, let us not forget about those around the world who will not have the benefits that we very often take for granted.  Charitable giving […]

A new vision for NOF

20 years ago in Northwest London, an idea was born and the story of Noor Orphans Fund began. Since then NOF has supported thousands of orphans in education, healthcare, housing, displacement, food supplies, winter appeals and much more.   We’ve learned so much along the way and whilst we wholly embrace our amazing history, we have now made big plans to transform our story…   RebrandingWe have rebranded our […]

Ramadan Nights with A&K

Noor Orphans Fund is excited to introduce its Ramadan video series featuring Ali Al-Hilli and Kawther Abbas. In this brand-new series, A&K discuss various topics about Ramadan, fasting during quarantine, parenting, mental health and much more. You can catch all the episodes on our social media channels and for those who missed it, you can watch the episodes of […]