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“As for the one who is charitable, mindful ˹of Allah˺, and ˹firmly˺ believes in the finest reward, We will facilitate for them the Way of Ease.”

– Holy Quran [92:5-7] –


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Fundraising is a fantastic and fun way for people of all ages and abilities to help raise valuable funds for the work of Noor Relief Fund.

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Want to make a difference to the lives of others, help the less fortunate, feel valued, spend quality time away from your busy lifestyle and gain confidence and self-esteem?
Why not achieve all of the above and much more by volunteering at Noor Relief Fund.


Charity is a good way to prove that love still exists. It gives hope that humanity is still present. We have different campaigns to choose from.


Want to give a child a better future? sponsoring a child with Noor Relief Fund today can change a child’s life for good.


Why not take a look at some of our fundraising ideas? Whatever you’re planning, we’ll make sure your big ideas become a reality.