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At Noor Relief Fund, we believe charity isn’t just about giving; it’s about igniting hope. With every contribution, you illuminate the path for those in desperate need. Explore the many ways you can join us – from offering a heartfelt sadaqah to fulfilling a sacred religious duty. Together, let’s make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most. 

Noor Relief Fund Orphans

Sponsor an Orphan

Transform a child’s life by sponsoring them through Noor Relief Fund. With just £40/month, you can make a profound impact and help build them a brighter future.

Noor Relief Fund | Boy with Food Basket


Your kind donations can uplift those less fortunate, offering crucial assistance and making a significant difference in the lives of those who require it most.

Noor Relief Fund | Lady Collecting Water from Dirty Pond

Provide Clean Water

Your donation can provide clean and safe water, saving lives and ending the struggle for millions who trek long distances for contaminated sources.

Give Shelter to a Family

For just £1,000, you have the power to provide shelter to an orphaned family. Your contribution can turn a dream into a reality for a homeless family.

Volunteer and be the change

Do you have any time that you could spare?

Would you like to join us for a day, a half day or even just a couple of hours a week? Come and join our team of office volunteers, many hands make light work and even just a little bit of your time will add up to a lot! You’ll have the chance to gain skills and build on what you are already good at.
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