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Give clean, safe water monthly

Your commitment of £20 per month is all it takes to provide clean water for 10 individuals every year, fostering positive change for entire families. Join The Stream to make a difference.

Your monthly donation ensures a year-round impact on lives

What is The Stream?

The Stream is a community of passionate, generous individuals, just like you, representing nearly every corner of the globe. We’ve transformed thousands of lives with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. Stand alongside us, and let’s extend that impact to millions. Your place is here.

You can be the change

800 million lives thirsting for opportunity

Nearly 800 million people have to walk daily for hours to fetch water, which could make them sick. They miss out on opportunities to work, learn, and thrive. The good news is that for just £20 a month, you can provide clean water to 10 people yearly. Thanks to you, 10 people who can enjoy a better future.
We invite you to join the Stream and watch how your donations make a difference.

Lady collecting dirty water. The Stream Project

Compelling Facts

About the water crisis
people don't have access to clean water close to home
children under 5 die daily from unsafe water and sanitation
hours per day spent by women and girls carrying water
0 Years
is the time women spend in their lives collecting water

Where your money will go

- How your donation makes a difference -
The Stream | Girl looking at the pond
Digging Water Well | The Stream

Digging Water Wells

Your monthly donation goes directly to funding the construction of water wells in underserved regions. These wells act as a sustainable source of clean water for entire communities, fostering health, hygiene, and overall well-being.

Water Hand Pumps | The Stream

Water Hand Pumps

We understand the importance of accessibility. We install tube wells equipped with hand pumps, ensuring communities can quickly draw clean water whenever needed. These tube wells serve as lifelines where traditional wells may not be feasible.

Filling Water Tanks | The Stream

Filling Water Tanks

In addition to wells, we provide clean water by filling community water tanks. This ensures a continuous supply, creating a reliable infrastructure for sustained access to clean water. Your support helps us keep these tanks filled and communities thriving.

Drilling Boreholes | The Stream

Why Should I Donate to Noor Relief Fund?


Transparency and Impact

Transparency is our primary concern. With The Stream, you get updates on funded projects. Our accountability ensures your generosity leads to positive changes. Noor Relief Fund maximises impact, ensuring your donation directly aids those in need.


Touching Lives

We prioritise areas with critical water needs, ensuring our projects have a meaningful impact where it matters most. Your support enables us to reach arid landscapes and remote villages, leaving no one behind. Join us in making a global impact.


Empowering Communities

Our projects empower communities to manage their water sources independently, thanks to your support. Our history of successful water projects highlights our commitment to transforming donations into tangible solutions and enhancing lives.

What is The Stream's Work Process?

Step 1:

Choose a Monthly Contribution

Choose a monthly donation amount that fits your budget and reflects your commitment to making a difference. Every contribution creates a powerful force for change.

Step 2:

Planning and Implementing

We meticulously choose water project locations, then we ensure implementation of the project at high standards with a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

Step 3:

Stay Connected and Updated

You’ll receive regular updates and insights into the impact of your contributions. We keep our donors connected to the incredible journey they are a part of.

Step 4:

Tell Others About Your Achievement

It’s time to celebrate. You’ve been part of another successful water project. Tell everyone about it. Your passion can inspire others to join this vital cause.

Together, we can end the water crisis

Key Features of Joining the Stream

Transforming lives

By joining Noor Relief Fund’s Stream, you play a role in transforming the lives of individuals and communities, improving health and well-being.

Transparency and regular updates

As a registered UK Charity, we maintain a high level of transparency, therefore, we keep you informed about the progress and impact of the water projects you contribute to through regular updates and reports.

Human connection

Experience the human connection that comes from knowing your contributions directly impact the lives of individuals, families, and entire communities.

Humanitarian heroism

Become a humanitarian hero, making a tangible difference in the lives of those in desperate need of water security.

Positive ripple effect

Witness your contribution’s positive ripple effect, improving individual lives, uplifting entire communities, and empowering them with essential clean water resources, enabling them to build a better future.

Gratitude and blessings

Your monthly contributions make a positive difference. Receive heartfelt gratitude and blessings from those whose lives you’ve touched, knowing that your generosity is a source of hope and positivity.

Why joining the Stream?

What Our Beneficiaries Say

  • The well is a blessing! We used to drink dirty water, but now we have clean water. My friends and I can focus on our studies and dreams for the future. Asante sana!

    Mabamani, Kenya
  • You turned our tears into joy. With the well, my children won’t know the pain of waking us early in the morning to collect dirty water anymore. I can’t thank you enough for giving us hope.

    Tanga, Tanzania
  • The floods took so much, but the hand pump gave us a sense of normalcy. My children can now quench their thirst without the fear of contamination. Thank you for the gift of clean water.

    Naushahro Feroze, Pakistan

Ready to give the gift of clean water?

A donation of £40 has the power to end the walk for water by providing clean and safe water to drink to 20 people for a whole year.