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Sponsor an Orphan

When a child has lost the main breadwinner, their world is turned upside-down... who can they turn to?

Sponsor an Orphan




  • You will donate £40/month per orphan (or £480/year)
  • An orphan will be allocated to you
  • You will receive regular updates about your sponsored orphan(s)
  • You can send gifts for Eid and birthdays to your sponsored orphan(s)


  • You will donate £20/month per orphan (or £240/year)
  • A good option for those who cannot afford a full sponsorship
  • You will join another sponsor in supporting one orphan
  • You can send gifts to your co-sponsored orphan(s)


  • You will donate £200/month per family
  • You will be helping 3-6 members of one family
  • You will preserve the dignity of a whole family
  • You will receive updates and photos of the family


Thank you for choosing to sponsor a child!

At Noor Relief Fund, we know that losing a parent can be a traumatic experience for children, leaving them vulnerable to a range of issues including abuse, malnutrition, and mental health struggles. That’s why we aim to provide support to those who need it most.

Our Sponsorship Program provides orphans with access to a more normal life, including regular medical screenings, education support, housing support, and food provisions. With our sponsorship scheme, children can afford to go to school and won’t be forced to work or beg on the street to survive.

If you’re interested in learning more about Noor Relief Fund, click here: https://www.nrf.org.uk/about-us/


Full Sponsorship

By donating £40 per month or £480 per year, you can sponsor an orphan registered with Noor Relief Fund. This equates to just over £1 a day. Full sponsorship helps provide children with emergency supplies such as basic food and clothing, as well as education supplies and other essential living costs.

When you choose full sponsorship, you’ll be allocated an orphan and will receive regular updates, including photos. You’ll also be able to correspond with your sponsored orphan and even send gifts for Eid and birthdays.

Becoming a sponsor is an incredibly rewarding experience. By providing financial security to an orphan who has lost their only means of support, you’re making a tangible difference in their life.

The families we support have no one else to turn to and no secure source of income. When they enroll in our orphan sponsorship program, they receive a comprehensive support package, including monthly sponsorship in the form of cash, education, healthcare, food provision, micro-finance, and much more.

sponsor an orphan


For those who wish to sponsor a child but cannot afford the full sponsorship, co-sponsorship is a great option. By donating as little as £20 per month per orphan, you can contribute to the full sponsorship of an orphan.

As a co-sponsor, you won’t be allocated a specific orphan to sponsor, but you will be contributing to our orphan sponsorship program. While you won’t receive information and regular updates about the orphan or have the ability to contact them directly, we’ll send general updates on our sponsorship program to all co-sponsors to show the impact of your donations.

co-sponsor an orphan

Family Sponsorship

If you’re interested in making an even bigger impact, consider family sponsorship. For £200 per month, you can sponsor a whole family of 3-5 orphans and their mother.

Many widows and their children are living in extreme conditions, with no income or means to earn a wage. Your donation will provide substantial relief for these families, preserving their dignity and covering basic needs such as food, education, clothing, and healthcare.

We believe that every child deserves a chance to live a happy and healthy life. With your help, we can make that a reality for even more children and families in need.

What does it mean to sponsor a child?

Tackle Poverty

Tackle Poverty

Our aim is to help children break out of the cycle of poverty and ensure that they go to a school where they start to build their foundation for a better future.

Feel the Love

Care and Love

You’ll receive updates about your sponsored orphan and how he is doing — connecting you with your sponsored child and his or her family and daily life.

Unite the Society

Unite the Society

Child sponsorship is more than giving a child in need the right resources to survive, it gives them confidence that they won’t have to beg for money ever again and stability.

Get involved and be the change

Want to make a difference to the lives of others, help the less fortunate, feel valued, spend quality time away from your busy lifestyle and gain confidence and self-esteem?
Why not achieve all of the above and much more by volunteering at Noor Relief Fund.


Charity is a good way to prove that love still exists. It gives hope that humanity is still present. We have different campaigns to choose from.


Want to give children a better future? supporting a child with Noor Relief Fund today can change a child’s life for good.


Why not take a look at some of our fundraising ideas and events? Whatever your plan is, we’ll make sure your big ideas become a reality.