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About Us

Where it all began

Who We Are

Noor Relief Fund is made up of a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff who work hard to ensure we adhere to our vision as a charity. Our central office is in Stanmore, Northwest London and we additionally operate offices in five cities throughout Iraq. Our partners, who we work with regularly through our campaigns, are located around the world.

Do get in touch anytime and our friendly staff will always be willing to answer any questions or discuss any new ideas!

Our History

Noor Relief Fund is a charitable organisation supporting orphans, widows, and people in need (registration number in England and Wales: 1190503). Previously, we have supported communities across the globe as Noor Orphans Fund. While operating under Noor Orphans Fund, our first charitable project, the Orphan Sponsorship Programme quickly became our flagship campaign, with over 1000 orphans sponsored across Iraq. Through this, we have provided financial support to orphans and their families for basic living costs. These funds help our beneficiaries to repair their homes, purchase regular meals, afford home appliances and have access to our seasonal appeals like, Ramadan Aid, Qurbani and the Winter Appeal.

We are now known as Noor Relief Fund: a new name, a bigger vision. With a greater goal in mind, we not only plan to continue supporting our existing beneficiaries, but we are increasing our reach to help those living in poverty in all corners of the globe. Noor Relief Fund assists by providing access to healthcare, medical aid, housing support, educational and vocational support, winter appeals, food distribution and clothing distribution. Our focus has been on Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and the UK, however, our support is now expanding to countries across Africa and Asia, such as India, Kenya, South Africa and Bangladesh.

Noor Relief Fund reaches out to the most vulnerable families and provides them with a chance to improve their standards of living and break out of the poverty cycle.

Where We Operate

There are few corners of the globe where poverty, suffering and hunger do not exist. Noor Relief Fund is on a mission to bring relief to, and change the lives of some of the world’s most deprived people.

Operating under Noor Orphans Fund, for almost 20 years we have been working from our office in London alongside our partners on the ground, in which we have managed to transform and save the lives of thousands of widows and orphans. We have worked across Iraq, Yemen, and the UK and are expanding our campaigns to areas such as East Africa, India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We understand that each area has its own specific needs and attending to those requirements is a critical part of our process. 

There is much more to be done. Women and children across the world suffer daily from poverty, violence, and inequality. Millions of people are affected by drought, bringing absolute devastation to their lives and the communities around them. Healthcare problems have been exacerbated by the pandemic and much more needs to be done to help the disabled and provide proper sanitation to help preventable disease.

Our work knows no borders and we are making it our mission to help those in need, wherever they are.

Get involved and be the change

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