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Rahaf Housing Appeal Update

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In late 2019 we started fundraising for a displaced, orphaned family in Najaf to help them rebuild their home. Alhamdulilah following the many obstacles and difficulties faced this year the building of the house is now in progress and we hope the family will be able to move in soon. We thank everyone who supported us and donated to Rahaf’s appeal, you are making a real difference to the lives of this vulnerable orphaned family. There are many families just like Rahaf’s who are in need of your help.

By donating to a Housing Appeal you are contributing to sadaqa jariya and you will continue receive the rewards for many years to come. Support us in our mission to help vulnerable orphaned families in Iraq by donating today.

You can donate to our Housing Appeal today at: https://www.nrf.org.uk/donate/?form=FUNZDWOIFOW

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