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Case Studies

Healthcare – Rabab

Rabab* is a 16-year-old girl from Najaf. She was forced to leave school because of her critical heart condition. Rabab’s family could not do anything to help her because their financial situation meant they could not afford to pay the medical expenses required for treatment.

Two Bravehearts

Our Two Braveheart's campaign focused on the family of two brothers, Maitham and Mehdi who were fighting on the frontlines against Daesh. Sadly, Maitham was buried alive by the terror group and his brother Mehdi was also killed shortly after.

Vocational Training

After the death of their husbands, who is usually the main source of financial security for them and their children, the widows are left with no one to support them financially and lacking any skills they find it difficult to earn an income of their own.

Microfinance – Raad

Many orphans like Raad* lack the necessary qualifications and skills to lead independent and self-sustaining lives. Many of the children are forced to leave school early to support their families in a low wage job. The family is then forced to rely on charity instead of finding ways to build their own future themselves.

Healthcare – Mehdi

Following the death of his father when he was only 4 years old, Mehdi* suffered an epileptic fit. He was left unable to walk or stand and relied on his grieving widowed mother and sisters to do everything for him.

Orphan Sponorship – Rana

After her father passed away, Rana* and her family were left with no one to support them and their elderly grandmother could not look after them anymore, until Noor Orphans Fund offered its help and became a source of hope in a time of despair.