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Raad purchasing the multi-purpose vehicle


Many orphans like Raad* lack the necessary qualifications and skills to lead independent and self-sustaining lives. Many of the children are forced to leave school early to support their families in a low wage job. The family is then forced to rely on charity instead of finding ways to build their own future themselves.

*The name of the orphan has been changed to protect their privacy.


Through the micro-finance project, Noor Relief Fund provided Raad with funds to purchase a multi-purpose vehicle for transportation and delivery of goods. This helped Raad generate a vital source of income for him and his family.

At the end of the year, Raad had made enough money to support his family as well as pay back the interest free loan to Noor Relief Fund – which we can then use to fund other loans.

Through this project, we want to encourage work ethic and self-sufficiency by giving our beneficiaries a chance to earn an income.

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