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Water Appeal

Millions of people are in urgent need of clean water. Access to clean and safe drinking water is crucial for their survival.

From just £10 you quench the thirst of hundreds of children in Yemen, Iraq and East Africa.

£100 - provides clean drinking water
£500 - supplies water filters to 4 families
£1,500 - a shallow well for a small village
£15,000 - a borehole well for a large village

Water gives Life

“It’s completely transformed our lives. Knowing my child is able to drink water which won’t give her disease is pure joy.”


Over 700 million people across the world drink, wash and use dirty water. That’s the rough equivalent of the entire population of Europe alone. Countless children spend their entire days walking to collect dirty water. This means no school, no play, no adequate nutrition, but lots of sickness and disease.

Noor Relief Fund believes every child has the right to access clean water. We believe they should be spending their days learning and playing with their friends. Not spending several hours alone each day, finding dirty pools of muddy and disease-ravaged water, and then carrying the heavy loads on their backs.

No child should have to grow up like this.



The Water Crisis



Millions of people suffer from lower life expectancies and preventable diseases like cholera due to drinking dirty water. In fact, diseases linked to dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence – including war. A shocking 43% of those deaths are children under five years old. Access to clean water and basic sanitation can save around 16,000 lives every week.  On a recent visit to East Africa, NRF witnessed the water puddles being accessed by children. These puddles contained mud, sand, general filth, as well as animal excrement. This is what they use to drink, wash and cook with. 


Millions of children are missing school as they need to walk to collect water for their families. A typical day for a child might involve leaving home at 9am to go to collect water, the walk may take approximately 4 hours. Once they have collected the water they attach the containers to their backs and walk the 4 hour journey back. They may arrive by 5pm and then get involved in helping to prepare any food or tea. If they are lucky they will perhaps practice their alphabets, otherwise, they will eat a few morsels and go to sleep.

This cycle repeats everyday.


Lack of water has stalled the lives of communities around the world. In Africa alone, women spend a shocking 40 billion hours a year walking for water. Children are deprived of education in order to collect water – subjecting them to a lifetime of abject poverty and a continuation of the poverty cycle. The lack of water has also made it harder to grow crops – especially in drought-ridden areas. Climate change has meant the world is facing more and more crises each day – leaving communities simply unable to cope and struggling to live.


Having access to clean water would mean less time spent on collecting water and it could instead be used for learning skills. Growing crops would be easier, especially in areas of drought where lives are being destroyed everyday. Children could go to school and learn instead of spending their entire childhoods worrying about water. This time well spent could go towards empowering women, allowing them to start creating self-sustainable livelihoods. This will help them escape the poverty cycle and give them a chance to change their futures.


Noor Relief Fund is working on sustainable solutions to help the water crises in these communities. So far, we have supplied hundreds of water filters to families in Iraq. We have dug a number of shallow water wells as well as deep borehole wells in drought-ridden Kenya. Water tanks have been supplied in Yemen, in orphanages and small villages, giving children safety and hope for a future which is different to the reality they are living today. This will provide water to entire communities and provide them with clean drinking water for decades to come. 

Water Filters:

Thousands of people in Iraq are suffering from premature kidney diseases as a result of consuming dirty water. Water filters have been effective for these families. The filters cost approximately £120 for a typical family and are easy to install.

Water Tanks:

Water tanks have been supplied to deprived areas in Yemen. They provide approximately 250 litres of water.

Shallow Water Well:

A shallow water well is a traditional well, providing clean spring water via buckets. This is a cost effective option and can be installed quickly.

Borehole Water Well:

This is a deep water well powered by electricity. It’s large enough to provide water to an entire village for decades.

Water Kiosk:

A water kiosk provides a filtered water solution for residents. Electric drills are used to first drill into the ground, the released water is then filtered through the kiosk. Solar panels are used to power this water well. It costs $1 for 100 litres and the money raised is then used to maintain the system.

We made from water every living thing.

Holy Quran (21:30)

Water Appeal

Having access to safe drinking water is a basic human right that unfortunately many do not have, especially the orphans and destitute in Yemen, Iraq and East Africa. Noor Relief Fund is raising funds to buy large quantities of clean water from a pure water plant to quench the thirst of as many orphans and the poor as possible. Your generous donations will provide clean water to orphanages and villages across Asia and Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NRF Water appeal?

Noor Relief Fund (NRF) aims to transport clean and safe water to Orphanages and villages in Yemen, Iraq and East Africa, to fill up water tanks, install water filters and build water wells. The more donations we receive, the more people we can help have access to safe, clean drinking water.

Where do you get the clean and safe water from?

Yemen – There are large water plants in the capital Sanaa that provide clean and safe water. The problem is that the Orphanages and poor villages do not have a public water supply system that can provide clean water from the plants in Sanaa. We, therefore, aim to transport large quantities of this water from the water plant directly to the large water containers in the Orphanages and villages so the people can drink clean and safe water. Once the water container is empty, this process of transporting the water from the plant to the container has to be repeated.
Iraq – Water filters are used to purify the water that each household receives. These water filters can be changed regularly to ensure the water is consistently safe to drink.
Kenya – Water is sourced from the ground, and accessed via the water wells that are dug. Depending on the type of well, water can be passed through a water filtration system to ensure the extra cleanliness of the water.

How can I donate?

You can either donate online by clicking here
Or you can donate via bank transfer. Our bank details are shown below:

Account name: Noor Relief Fund
Account Number: 93133804
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Reference: Water Appeal

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