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Pakistan Floods Appeal

the number of people DISPLACED from their homes
livestock along with acres of land have PERISHED
of the population are living in EXTREME poverty
are dependent on agriculture that has been DESTROYED

Whoever saves one [life] – it is as if he had saved the entirety of Mankind.

The Noble Qur’an, [5:32]

What is happening in Pakistan?

Pakistan has been devastated as a result of severe flooding and torrential monsoon rains. This has seen over 1,000 people killed, 220,000 homes destroyed and over 33 million people displaced. Millions have lost their homes, their possessions, and even some of their family members. According to Pakistan’s government, a third of the country – equivalent to an area the size of the UK – is underwater.

The floods in Pakistan have killed livestock and crops, submerged agricultural land, and contaminated essential water sources. Children are at high risk of contracting water-borne illnesses and many will not survive. Pakistan is facing increased food scarcity, lack of sanitation, medicine, clean water, and shelter. Victims of these horrendous floods are now in desperate need of emergency aid to survive. They NEED our help.

How can we help?

Noor Relief fund will be providing support via:

  • Food parcels 
  • Clean drinking water
  • Shelter
  • Medical Aid

What happens if we ignore this CRISIS?

Lives are at risk, homes have been heavily damaged and entire communities have been swept away. THIS CRISIS CANNOT BE IGNORED.

Without access to food, clean water, adequate shelter and urgent medical aid, those who have fled will be even more at risk. We are committed to saving lives, ensuring the most vulnerable are taken care of and restoring communities. Please support our PAKISTAN EMERGENCY APPEAL and save countless lives with us.

  • Please support the Pakistan Floods Appeal and Donate Now.

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