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Committing to donating less than the price of a daily cup of coffee for one year, you’ll not just offer shelter to a homeless orphaned family; You will give them the chance to transform their lives and build them a brighter future.

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East Africa

Housing challenges persist in rural areas of East Africa, affecting millions of families living in inadequate and unsafe homes. In countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, a significant portion of the population faces housing issues, with many residing in informal settlements or slums characterized by poor conditions. Orphaned families, particularly in Uganda and Rwanda, are among the most vulnerable, often headed by children unable to provide for themselves. The housing crisis is pronounced in these regions, where traditional materials like mud and thatch are commonly used, leading to homes lacking basic amenities and at risk of collapse.

To address this crisis, Noor Relief Fund is dedicated to rebuilding homes in East Africa, focusing on orphaned families who are especially vulnerable. With over 13 million orphaned children in sub-Saharan Africa, many lacking access to safe housing, our housing projects collaborate with local communities and partners to identify families in need. Through these initiatives, we aim to provide durable homes that meet basic needs, restoring hope, dignity, and long-term wellbeing to orphaned families and the communities we serve.



In the summer of 2022, Pakistan faced its worst flooding in a decade due to extreme monsoon rains, affecting over 33 million people and destroying or damaging more than 1 million homes, particularly those constructed with traditional materials like mud. The vulnerability of orphaned families, accounting for over 4 million children in Pakistan according to the Bureau of Statistics, is especially critical as they lack access to safe housing. Noor Relief Fund acknowledges this pressing need and, through housing projects, collaborates with local communities and partners to identify and rebuild homes for flood-affected orphaned families, providing them with secure living spaces and fostering emotional and psychological wellbeing.


The devastating floods in recent years have left millions of Pakistanis homeless, with the summer of 2022 marking the country’s worst flooding in a decade. Over 33 million people were affected, and more than 1 million homes were destroyed or damaged, especially those made from vulnerable materials like mud. This crisis disproportionately affects orphaned families, with over 4 million orphaned children lacking access to safe housing, as reported by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Noor Relief Fund recognizes the urgency of the situation and addresses the need by partnering with local communities and organizations, working to rebuild homes for flood-affected orphaned families. Through these efforts, the organization aims to restore hope and dignity, contributing to the long-term health and wellbeing of the communities they serve.



Decades of conflict and instability have left over 5 million orphaned children in Iraq, particularly in rural areas lacking basic services. Many live in dilapidated homes without electricity and sanitation, posing health risks. Noor Relief Fund addresses this urgent need by identifying families, refurbishing existing homes, and providing new, durable homes through housing projects. This initiative aims to restore dignity, hope, and stability for orphaned children, promoting their emotional well-being and long-term community development.


In Iraq, where conflict has disrupted lives, over 5 million orphaned children face dire living conditions, especially in rural areas with limited services. Noor Relief Fund responds by refurbishing and providing new, durable homes, addressing critical needs for electricity and sanitation. This not only safeguards children from health risks but also fosters emotional well-being, restoring hope and dignity. Through these efforts, Noor Relief Fund contributes to the long-term development of communities, enabling orphaned children to thrive and fulfill their potential.

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