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9 DECEMBER | 5:30 PM


In 2023, our mission is clear: we aim to transform the lives of vulnerable children living in traumatic conditions, offering them a brighter future.

J/W, Forty Ave, Wembley HA9 9PE

Sattavis Patidar

Noor Relief Fund and Babulilm Foundation UK have partnered together to combine their efforts for this Gala Dinner. Through our various endeavours, we aim to break the poverty cycle and empower both individuals and communities around the world. We are on the ground in the countries we work in and constantly researching the best way to help those in need.

This year both organisations saw a perfect opportunity to work together, with the cause of building and restoring homes in the regions of Pakistan, East Africa and Iraq, changing lives for the better. By supporting our organisations, you become a part of a transformative force for good, helping to create a brighter and more stable future for those who deserve it most. Join us in bringing light to the darkest corners of the world and be the catalyst for positive change.

Join us in our shared cause in building homes for the orphaned families and destitute in these affected regions of Pakistan, East Africa and Iraq.

Term and Conditions

  1. Please note children under the age of 4 will not be allowed into the main hall.
  2. Any prams or car seats are also not allowed in the main hall.
  3. Children between the ages of 4-12 can be booked into and supervised in the Children’s Creche for the duration of the evening.
  4. Please note that Noor Relief Fund will not be held responsible or any unforeseen incidents in the creche which are beyond the control of Noor Relief Fund volunteers.
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