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Successful charities are able to fulfill more humanitarian work as well as reach out to donors and efficiently run their charity due to a small percentage of their costs going towards administrative fees. With your help, we would like to increase our campaigns and activities across the globe so that we can help the most vulnerable reach a position where they no longer need any form of support. Expanding our campaigns will require more investment in research, hiring professionals to implement our strategic and logistical vision, as well as the provision of crucial administrative support.


We aim to use your generous donations in the most effective way possible, whilst remaining transparent!


Assuming “high administrative costs = bad charity” and “low administrative costs = good charity” is misleading. It says nothing about the quality or suitability of aid, the impact it has on the lives of those we serve, or the sustainability of the goods or services delivered, nor does it highlight the extent to which the dignity of the beneficiaries has been protected, or the degree to which projects have been adequately monitored and evaluated.


For every donation we receive, a small portion of it will be invested in generating income and doubling your donations. We will invest in marketing and research in order to make sure we target the people who need our help the most. We will ensure there is effective communication with our donors and sponsors as well as promote our campaigns effectively. We will also be investing in fundraising, events, increasing awareness, and raising further funds to ensure we help as many people as we possibly can around the globe.

We will also be proficiently investing in achieving efficient practices particularly in supporting our staff members both in the UK and abroad – who work incredibly hard throughout the year. We are committed to helping those who need it most by reaching the most vulnerable in society. This is essential but it can mean having to access hard-to-reach areas which can be costly and time-consuming as well as sometimes dangerous.

Enabling a charity to function effectively in order to perform its function of serving humanity is no different to helping an orphan in need. Helping to facilitate the very act of charity is a noble act and the impact is far-reaching and can last forever.

At Noor Relief Fund, we promise to use your donations effectively to serve those around the world who need people like you. We are there simply to bridge that gap between you and them.